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A properly designed and managed patent portfolio will greatly enhance your ability to: 

However, did you know that 80% of issued patents are not supporting products being sold and consequently are not generating any direct revenue? To beat these odds and get better returns for every dollar invested in patent protection, business managers must:

Have a sophisticated understanding of the strength and scope of all company patent properties.  

Identify Out-licensing opportunities.

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We further include "Claim Highlighting " so the critical claim limitation language stands out to better assist the reader in understanding each patent's strength and coverage scope.

We also determine an existing or future industry value score for each
patent and patent application.

Additionally, we evaluate each patent and application to estimate its potential for out-licensing in noncompetitive industries.

In order to gain comparative industry insights, we provide a technology category listing of relevant competitive patents.
Armed with this information management can then:

Craft a patent acquisition, protection and value extraction 
policy that is aligned with overall business strategy. 

Increase revenue by identifying lucrative out-licensing opportunities.

Gain valuable competitive industry insights, and spot industry trends.

Guide future R&D to maximum advantage.

Protect against infringing the patents of others.

Better identify infringement of company patents.

Save money by making better decisions on which technologies are 
deserving of the substantial investment related to obtaining patent protection.

Save money by making more accurate maintenance fee determinations 
and dropping properties that do not provide a business advantage.

Reduce legal exposure to company stake holders and better insure 
the preservation of company asset value as required under  Sarbanes-Oxley .

Know their company's patent position relative to the competition .

We first identify all company patents and patent applications and provide a listing of each by the specific technology they concern. These properties can be quickly viewed by on click access to full PDF and Microsoft Word copies. Most importantly, this listing includes a "Claim Abstract " which is a written description of the scope and strength of the claim coverage of each patent. We do so in language that is accurate, concise and easily understood - eliminating the "legaleze".
Become more pro-actively involved in the entire patent process, from deciding on what technology to protect to determining which patents to drop.