Each patent and application is listed by the "Technical Category" to which it applies.  We can work with you to use any existing industry or self created technology definitions you may have so that relevant information can be organized and accessed quickly using familiar terminology and technology taxonomy.  We also work with you to identify in the "Product Supported" field what products or services are supported by the particular patent.  The "Importance to Product" field represents the estimate of the percentage of that support for the particular product/service.  We then determine with your input a Product Revenue Score which is a function of the product support importance and the income generated by the product.  The "Product Strength" represents a simple scoring of how unique the supported product is in its industry.  We further assign a "Claim Strength" score for each patent and, to the extent possible, for each application.  We then calculate an "Industry Value Score" that is function of the Product Revenue Score and the product and claim strength determinations.   This data is very useful for understanding many things, such as, which patents are the most valuable,  how effectively your patent portfolio is working for you, where you have strengths and where you may need added support.  This information is also critical in  making decisions related to the payment or not of maintenance fees.  For more information and to obtain a quote for our services please contact us.

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