Where a patent does not support a current product we then look at its potential for future value.  Based on your input, we list in the "Planned Product Supported" field any future products or services for which it is intended that the patent or application will provide coverage.  The "Importance to Planned Product" field represents the estimate of the percentage of that support for the particular product/service.  From that we can arrive at an anticipated future revenue score.  We further assign a "Claim Strength" score for each patent and, to the extent possible, for each application. When a technology is patented because it is thought to have some merit but where no specific product application is currently contemplated, we then arrive at a "General Potential Value Score"  where we examine where the technology may have industry application.  We also provide a "Future Value Score" that is essentially a function of the Planned Industry and General Potential value scores.   This information is, of course, very useful for better assessing the future value of each patent and patent application, as well as understanding how your portfolio should increase in value over time.  You can also see more clearly where your R&D is headed, where you have strengths and if you need to pay additional attention to certain areas of technology.  Additionally, this information is also critical in facilitating quick and accurate decisions related to the payment or not of maintenance fees, and in the case of a patent application, whether or not continued prosecution is worth while.  For more information and to obtain a quote for our services please contact us.

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